Inside the book


An inside look...

Throughout Restorative Yoga for Life you’ll find the general information, poses, and sequences needed to practice restorative yoga. the information here is comprehensive, though there is a suggested reading list in the back if you want to learn further. in Part 1, you will learn about the history of the practice, its benefits, and the props you need to get yourself set up and ready to practice at home (or anywhere!). Part two gives
you step-by-step information on the actual poses that make up the practice. each pose entry contains detailed information on how to set up the pose, which is very important because restorative yoga poses are typically more involved and take longer to set up than “regular” yoga poses. You’ll also find instructions on how to do the breathing exercises and visualizations that are the bedrock of any yoga practice. Yoga is fueled by breath first and foremost, and restorative yoga is no different. Keep these exercises and visualizations in the back of your mind as you do any of the poses in Part two. In Part three you’ll 
learn a variety of restorative yoga pose sequences that can target common health issues. the gentle manner of restorative yoga has proven time and again to be very effective in helping people restore themselves to health. You’ll also learn how to create sequences of your own.

So whether you are only starting out in yoga, a seasoned practitioner, or even just curious about restorative yoga, this book is a great place to get started.