We are all the same... but different

We are all different, yet, we are all the same. Practicing yoga has taught me the meaning of this on so many levels. It’s always so interesting to watch the evolution of a yoga practitioner from when they first come to the mat, and weeks, months and years later. Some people are more receptive to the teaching, and others take a little longer to open up to it. Regardless of the timing, eventually you can’t help but be touched by this practice in some way.

Being that it is Spring, and Spring is Kapha season in Ayurveda, I wanted to take a little time to teach about this concept. Ayurveda, is the sister science to Yoga. They really go hand in hand. To understand ourselves better, Ayurveda is truly a gift. The concept in a nutshell is that we are all made up of 5 elements. Everyone has fire, water, earth, air and ether in their composition, but we all have more of certain ones than other. This is why I say we are different, yet the same. When you take a quiz to understand your dosha (consititution in Ayurveda) you find out if you are one predominant dosha or if you are two or even three, which we call tri-doshic.

It's rare to be all three, but it is possible. We are either Pitta (fire & water), Vata (air & ether) or Kapha (water & earth).

Since seasons also have a dosha, I thought I would focus on Kapha because it’s the dosha of the Spring. I bring this up because you can gear your practice to support the season. Because Kapha is earth and water, we can explore the idea of grounding and flowing in our practice. The hips are a great area to open up as this is the region where we can get stuck and need to find more fluidity. We also can focus on our legs and rooting for more stability. Hip opening postures and balancing postures are my favorite for this time of year. You will find that when you take the time to explore your body in a way that is in sync with nature, your life will flow better too!

Hope to see you soon!