To the nth degree

Technically this is the last square of the magic square this week, but next week we will wrap it up with the number 10. In the meantime, I will share what I know about the number 9, and why it’s helpful to understand this number for your life and in your practice.

The number 9 falls in the center of our square at the top. The center is always mediating between the left and the right, here it is about mediating the periphery. 9 is about vision, as the top floor is. The top floor gives you an overview, and with that you can see more clearly. If we use the metaphor of our body as a house, the is the cupola. The place where you can get the best view in the house.

Having an overview is something we have the benefit of when we are willing to do the work to clear away what is in the way of our seeing. This location also corresponds to the third eye or Ajna chakra. We know that this area is about inner vision and insight.

Being that this square is located in the center line we can also explore the concept of effort and grace. We create effort on the bottom floor where we light the pilot light, and the heat rises up. We only get to experience grace when we put in effort. As we are wrapping up the magic square exploration you will hopefully have gained some new insight into your body, your mind and your spirit.