Magic 8

Magic 8. The symbol of infinity. 8 is the left bottom corner of the magic square. It’s the laundry room. The thing about laundry, you never are done with it. Just like your body, it’s with you for this lifetime, and that is what 8 is all about; being embodied. Some more synchronicity here, the number 8 symbolizes Winter into Spring, again it just fell this way, who knew I would be speaking about this right after the Spring Equinox.

Meanwhile, 8 is on the maternal side of the body, it is all about growth. When you think about growing up, it takes doing things over and over until you really understand. We get this from our practice for sure!

There are also 8 sides to a cube. This is a nice metaphor for us as well, what is inside your container, and does your container hold things well? Is it stable? This is where we get to really explore inside and outside and how they play off each other.

We could go on and on, but ultimately just do it. Get the insight when you get on your mat!

Hope to see you on the mat, but if not, I'll feel you in my heart