As I continue to explore the magic square I find the synchronicities to be amazing. I did not plan the timing of this exploration, it just happened to fit into my life… or really, I ask myself if this is just my perception; because ultimately the magic square is just a lens for observing our lives, and we can always apply a technique or tool to move through our lives in different ways.

Number 7 is about fulfilling our obligations. It is the right side, the paternal side of the body. It’s about handling things. You sign the checks and make the deals on the right. This is also the side of the body that is the liver. When you explore Chinese medicine, the Spring organ is the liver. Spring is about upward movement, when we explore the magic square it’s often describes as 7-up, because you go straight up from number 6. Livers are about movement, getting things done. That is why in the Spring we have the energy to do our Spring cleaning. It’s a great time for Spring cleaning of our bodies, and a big part of that is clearing away what doesn’t serve us and gaining better perspective on what our next steps will be.

Our yoga practice can truly support this effort. We use yoga as a tool for clearing away and also for observation. The more refined our practice gets, the more we have to work to stay out of the habitual and find insight. Reflection is a huge part of our growth as individuals, we always need to look to the past to gain insight for the future. Ahh the beauty of yoga, good for the body, and good for the soul!