My first official blog post... well sort of

This is my first blog post as Gail Grossman, yoga teacher, not Gail Grossman studio owner. I am happy that I have the ability to share my thoughts in writing on my website, that I set up years ago when my book came out, but I rarely do anything to it. I am glad I have a place to continue my musings. 

I have focused on the Magic Square from Katonah yoga over the last 6 weeks. This week I am teaching about number 6 in the magic square. 

It’s funny how life works. 

I have sold the studio this week. I could not have planned the exact timing of this, yet the synchronicity is just a reminder that all makes sense in my world. 

6 is about facing your fears, putting your best foot forward and taking a risk. It’s about the future and being willing to experience the unknown. 6 falls on the paternal side of the body. It's important to feel rooted in order to move forward.

I love the image of our body as a house. 6 falls in the garage. The image of putting the pedal to the metal is what we think of here. 

So as I let go of my baby, and begin to explore what will unfold for me, I am comforted by knowing 1) my baby is in good hands, and this yoga community is going to thrive with it's new stewards 2) the Universe has my back 3) love makes the world go round 

See you on the mat, or feel you in my heart.

With love,